Deštivými Čechami do slunných Krkonoš

The rain could not stop Open Gate from shining. We all met at the school where parents looked on as the boys and girls stowed their bags before embarking on the bus. We were waved off by mums and dads and the two buses began their Journey from Central Bohemia to the highlands of Hradecky Kraj as we ascended through the beautiful Czech lands to reach Labska. The rain poured down but it could never dampen the spirits of the students and staff when the lush Czech countryside rolled out. Unfortunately after a tasty lunch, the Czech Republic were very unlucky in the football against Spain. But our sunny spirits were rewarded when the skies cleared and the sun beamed down on us. We took to the mountain trails to explore the nearby country side, breathe in the fresh air and build little houses for the little folk who live in the forest. After that, it was back to the hotel for supper before learning about the importance of mountain safety and rescue and then a very exciting game of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. After that, a lot of sleepy boys and girls made there way to bed to rest up before another great day in nature tomorrow.