English – last week

Class 1 – snowflakes
It’s freezing cold outside and snowing inside. Class 1 made snowflakes on Wednesday – here are some of the girls with their snowflakes.

Class 2 – pass the bomb
Speaking practice with the bomb. You have to answer the question before the bomb goes off! The children are speaking about their subjects at school.

Class 3 – projects
Each child has to write about his or her theme in English, and provide illustrations. As you can see, they were very focussed in class.

Class 4 – paper models
In December, the children will visit the Children’s Home and entertain the children. Here they are, tearing and sorting newspaper to make a paper heart.

Class 5 – The view from my window
What can you see out of your window? First of all, the children had to paint the background, and then cut out and stick on trees, flowers and everything else in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Some of the pictures are already on display. Later, we will compile them into a book and send them to Goutham in India, to show him what we look at every day.