English Lessons

Class 1 successfully finished their first week, including their first English lessons. Everybody is doing really well and I hope we’re going to have a lot of fun in English this year!

Class 2 have been getting to know their new English teacher. They have already learned a lot of new things, including some new songs. Next week is their first spelling test, so fingers crossed!


Class 3

This week, Class 3 were learning about the different continents and how big they are compared to each other. Would you believe Europe can fit into Asia almost 4 times? Soon Class 3 will start English projects about different areas of the world and different types of nature.

Class 4

This week, Class 4 did their first practice for the KET which they will do later in the year. Exams can be a bit scary but Class 4 worked on the first part of the speaking test and answered the questions splendidly!