Halloween Day Friday 21st October 2016

Everyone came in a super costume! As you can see from the photos. Do you recognise everybody?

Gandalf gave a welcome in the school entrance hall. He told his Little Hobbits that they had a long and difficult journey ahead and to be careful of the Dězínksý Effect. Everyone would vinklerovate as much as possible and try to overcome the Rohan. They should beware the Kasal, but most of all, the Červený Mountains, with hidden Kobras.

The Little Hobbits were clever. Class 1 put the Wart on the Witch with no trouble. Many Little Hobbits wove spider webs with Jana and did Halloween races with Saša. For Bigger Hobbits, there were sports (goodies and baddies) with Luke and an obstacle course with Standa. For Creative Hobbits, there was witch-making with Evička and witch and wizard sticking with Vera.

Gandalf spoke to everyone again. He dropped his ring in the fire. Only good things would happen on Halloween. Everybody celebrated by dancing to music and then it was time to end the festivities for this year.

That’s almost the end of Halloween. At Open Gate, Halloween is followed by a reflection on All Souls (2nd November).