Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Time does fly when you’re having fun and I cannot believe it is already Thursday. Each day has so far been action-packed and today was no different. And of course the weather will make an appearance too but today it was much kinder to us. We arose to sunny skies over Krkonose and wolfed down our breakfast, gathered our lunch packs and packed our backpacks, ready for our big trip. We set off for Harrachov and the glass factory and everyone was in great form. The drive was almost an hour through the rolling hills and steep valleys of the Krkonose national park. Great pine trees stretching high up on our right, the river bubbling and babbling to our left, it was idyllic. We reached Harrachov early and had a snack and a run around before it was time to go into the glass factory. As we stood and watched the workers working away, we were mesmerised. After about fifteen minutes I realised that everyone was standing, almost hypnotised by the tremendous skill and craft that we were being treated too. The factory has been open for just over 300 years and may it be open for many more. After that, everyone piled into the shop to buy some glassware to bring home so I am sure all the parents will be delighted with the beautiful gifts!

After that, it was time to stretch out our legs and make the most of the enduring sunshine and fine weather and make our way through Harrachov and the forest to visit the Mumlava waterfall. It was a most pleasant walk and I don’t think I could ever tire of rambling through the Czech countryside. We reached the waterfall and it was magnificent to take it the thundering power of the water, watching it splash and churn as it descended from above, throwing up a welcome spray of water to take the edge of the warm weather, the mighty rumble of the crashing water, it was magical! We also had a very special visitor, Jirka’s very good friend Patrik came out to meet us and enjoy the waterfall with us. There is something very therapeutic and soothing about visiting waterfalls and I know that is what I will be thinking of when I drift off to sleep later.

We got back to the hotel, changed, ate and prepared for our final evening of School in Nature. And maybe not to disappoint this writer, the dark clouds closed in and the rain began to fall, accompanied by mighty rolls of thunder and claps of lightning. But the weather couldn’t stop us having fun before and it certainly didn’t this evening. Jirka had a smashing evening of lively entertainment on hand and we partook in games such a Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and guessing what weird and wonderful things the teachers have done before. Did you know that Richard used to teach fencing (Serm) or I used to play waterpolo for my university? The games went down an absolute treat but the best was definitely saved for last. Using a very inventive application, photos were taken of the staff in pairs and then their faces were swapped from head to head producing, as I am sure you can imagine, hilarious results for everybody. To see everybody falling around laughing was truly a fitting end to what has been an excellent week.

So until next year, when I am already looking forward to chronicling our future adventures in nature, it has been a wonderful week with packed with good times and filled with many memories that I know we will all remember for years to come. We have been doing weekly plans since September but this has been the best planned week all year. Dobrou noc!