Whatever the Weather, Always Fun Together!


We awoke on Tuesday morning to a very pleasant surprise, the sun breaking through the clouds. It was not as the weather forecast had predicted, but it was very welcome. After a hearty breakfast, each class made its way to morning oasis followed by classes in Czech and English. There were all sorts of activities going on such as a scavenger hunt, crazy golf, postcard writing and much more. This was followed by lunch with everybody in good form. After lunch there was some quiet time and unfortunately the weather forecast caught up and the rain came. But as with yesterday, it could not dampen our spirits and all the classes found plenty of fun things to do in the hotel. Maybe it was our positive spirit projecting towards the skies, but the clouds soon cleared and the sun came out to greet us for a late afternoon of walking in the forest, playing in the playground and making the most of the sunshine. Then it was dinner for all the hungry children and staff. The sun maintained its glorious watch over us well into the evening and all the classes spent some quality time together, taking part in an ever expanding list of wonderful activities and games, books and charades, until the tiredness of a day very well spent caught up and it was time for bed. After the lights went out, the staff met up to Skype with Terka to find out how Class 1 had been enjoying their very own School in Natutre. Terka greeted us all, proudly sporting an OG for Open Gate emblayoned on her forehead and telling tales of all the fun they have been having. So as Day 2 draws to a close with sleepy eyes, we are already looking forward to welcoming Day 3!