A je to mazec….

School in Nature 2017 – Day 1
This year is it was off to pastures new for School in Nature so we departed Open Gate about nine in the morning, bidding goodbye to waving and possibly teary parents and making our merry way to Teplice nad Metuji. After such a wonderfully peaceful and quiet bus journey, we arrived shortly after midday to our home for the week, nestling in the beautiful hills of Broumovské Stěny. Of course, as is often the case, there were some hungry mouths to feed.
After lunch and some quiet time, we walked into the town to have a look around and of course a stop at the cukrárna because sometimes those hungry mouths are still not satisfied. After that, we made our way back to the pension for some sunny afternoon entertainment, gleefully provided by the very entertaining Divadlo Mazec who put on a wonderfully funny and absurd play in the late afternoon.
Once again, hungry mouths prevailed and it was back to the restaurant to fill up our famished bellies. Hopefully the three performers with Divadlo Mazec were able to fill up on some food too because after dinner, they put on another musical, all singing and dancing show much to our merry delight!
Once they had wrapped up their second fun-filled performance of the day, Jiří regaled the soon to be sleep heads of the primary school students until it was time for bed. After a long and action-packed day full of laughter, singing, cheering and of course eating, it was time to rest weary heads on cosy pillows in preparation for another day in a truly beautiful part of a wonderful country!