Class 5 – Witches’ night

Witches’ night is on 30th April. It is really mysterious. Our family doesn’t celebrate it but people in the Czech Republic usually do. (Viky M.) 30th April is magic witches‘ night. People believe that witches fly out and have a meeting by the fire. We usually make a witch from grass, wood and straw. Then we burn it in the camp fire. (Karolína M.) We can do sausages on the fire and then eat them too. (Maty S.)
On this night we throw witches into the fire. It’s fun for my brother because he likes fire. He is always asking – ‘’Dad, can we make a camp fire?’’ Witches’ night in Srbín is the best. (Vojta S.)
The first of May is something like Valentine Day. We kiss each other underneath the cherry tree. (Anetka D.)