Divadelní festival aneb Etiketa in Class 3

Class 3 performed a play called Etiketa, which was based on the popular Czech series of the same name. Six members of the class assumed the role of Ladislav Špaček and provided some wonderful insight into etiquette for school and etiquette for dealing with English language culture.
The school areas of etiquette that were dealt with were not running in the corridor and how to behave politely in the canteen and the classroom. We about learnt the terrors of what could happen when students run in the corridor, especially that a teacher’s coffee might get spilt!
We also learnt about etiquette in Ireland and England, for example, never say hello to somebody in a lift or it will scare them away. We also learnt that in English and Irish restaurants, the bill is calculated not on what you eat, but how many words you use to order!