Jedeme dál – mazec na druhou….

School in Nature 2017 Day 2
Our first full day in School in Nature and it was a very full day indeed. Continuing on from yesterday’s theme, we started the day with breakfast and many full bellies to be filled. And with a full day ahead, it was much needed.
In the morning, the classes spent time with their teachers and with the glorious sun beaming down outside was the only option. In the morning, class 4 and class 5 faced off in two games of rounders, a form of baseball or softball but using a tennis racket. Despite a great effort from class 4, class 5 prevailed to win the series 15-9.
Class 3 spent some time with Luke having a mini Olympics style hour of team and individual games such as running with the ball only between your legs for 20 metres or transporting a ball 20 metres as a team without using hands. It was very competitive but fairly contested and plenty of fun was had by all.
Class 1 spent time writing in, and updating, their diaries before playing some much-deserved games on the terrace. Class 2 took full advantage of the amazing weather and made their merry way to the nearby swimming pool for games and races and tremendous fun!
In the afternoon, class 1 and 2 embarked on a trip in to the beautiful Skaly by train and classes 3, 4 and 5 did so to albeit on foot. We spent some glorious hours hiking through the breath-taking Czech countryside, which only served to enforce the reason why we do School in Nature. I could write all day about the glorious scenery which we gladly walked through but my words would not do it justice so I recommend checking out some of the photos.
After some serious hiking through joyous nature, empty bellies were a plenty and we had a short stop for ice-cream and snacks before making our way back to the hotel for supper.
The students, buoyed by newly filled bellies, were more than ready for a couple of hours outdoors playing games and having fun in the evening and the beautiful sun, which had so brightened out day, gracefully set behind the majestic hills in which we find ourselves surrounded.
Tired and sleepy heads, and hopefully full stomachs, made their way to bed to relax and reenergise for another perfect day in paradise!
This is Luke signing off for School in Nature 2017 because with a heavy head, I must leave tomorrow to fly to Ireland on Thursday for a wedding. Luckily you are in very safe hands as Jana will be on board to report on the next two days.