Mazec na čtvrtou – Our last full day at School in Nature was the cherry on top of the amazing week we had

Following our usual wake-up call and breakfast, we spent the morning learning and having fun. All the classes visited the local bee farm to learn more about bees and how honey is produced (first, classes 3, 4 and 5 and then classes 1 and 2). The beekeeper told us a lot of fascinating facts and showed us a honeycomb with the bees‘ eggs, larvae, honey, wax and pollen. We also saw a honeycomb swarming with bees. All the children were very brave and no-one got stung!

In the afternoon we enjoyed some peace and quiet after lunch before heading off outside to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather at the outdoor swimming pool. However, classes 1 and 2 first made another stop on their way – we visited a small family farm close to our hotel. The children were thrilled and really enjoyed seeing and petting the farm animals. There were goats, cows, pigs, cats, chickens, geese, and many other kinds of birds. There were many baby animals as well.

The swimming pool was a lot of fun (and much needed in the hot weather). Then we returned to the hotel to pack and clean up our rooms.

After dinner we all met for a quiz prepared by Jiří. The quiz proved that the children learned a lot during the past week and they got a small reward for remembering so many new facts – a small bottle of honey from the bee farm. In the end, we all sang a song together and then the children were off to bed.

This week has been exciting and fun and we will be sad to leave, but we will also be happy to go home tomorrow to see you all. Good night!