Škola v přírodě – mazec na třetí

Another beautiful day full of adventure is almost over and we have a lot to report. It started off with another delicious buffet-style breakfast, after the musical wake-up call from Jiří and his guitar.

Immediately after breakfast, we all set out on a trip. We took a train from Teplice nad Metují to Broumov to visit the town and the splendid baroque monastery. The train journey was exciting and also a bit challenging, but all the children were well behaved and we managed to arrive in Broumov safe and sound with no complications.

At the monastery, we split into two large groups. While one group went on a tour of the monastery, the other group had a treasure hunt in the monastery’s garden. After that, the groups swapped places.

The garden was lovely and the weather was beautiful. The children had a lot of fun with the treasure hunt, which they did in teams of five (one from each class). They completed all tasks and solved all puzzles to find the treasure – a souvenir from Broumov for everyone. Well done!

The tour of the monastery was extremely interesting and impressive. We had an excellent guide who told us many fascinating facts about the history of the place, the life at the monastery and the magnificent art and architecture.

After seeing everything there is to see at the monastery and filling our hungry bellies with packed lunch (bread and meatloaf) in the shade of trees at the lovely monastery gardens, we went to the town square. The children were allowed to explore the square in smaller groups, get ice-cream, buy a souvenir or just look around.

Then it was time to catch the train back to Teplice nad Metují. Some children fell asleep on the train – no wonder, after such an exciting day! We got back in time for dinner (chicken and rice), which tasted even better thanks to all the wonderful experiences of this eventful day still on our minds.

Tonight was a movie night, so the children watched „Wreck-It Ralph“ (Raubíř Ralf) and then it was time for bed. After the longest day of the year comes the shortest night, full of well deserved rest and sound sleep. Good night!