‘Touch Rugby Day’

A day filled with thrills and spills, that was the inaugural ‘Touch Rugby Day’. It started with a finely dressed rugby player named Jiri Luka extolling the virtues of the game. In addition. William Web Ellis was in attendance and demonstrated the historical first beginnings of the sport we now call ‘Rugby’. We reminded ourselves of the importance of team work, tolerance and respecting the differences between us. Moreover, OG students were welcomed once again into a Global family, where no less than 121 countries and 8.5 million people participate in games such as these on a regular basis (http://www.worldrugby.org/development/player-numbers?lang=en click on the page link to see a world map representation) . OG primary school students truly ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’. Meaning that through activities such as Rugby they engage on an international level whilst fostering a sense of social conscious and active local participation. To this end, Riverside International School also attended the day and were worthy adversaries and team mates to all. Thanks to them for supporting the day.
After a morning of skills based workshops, students, staff, trainers and parents met for the main event. Eight teams from nations including South Africa, France and New Zealand battled it out to be crowned the champions of OG Touch Day. It was a tense and fiercely contested final between England and South Africa with the former running out victorious 4 tries to 3. Congratulations to England on a stunning triumph. Our thanks go to all Primary School staff and parents for supporting the day. As well as the students who all competed to best of their abilities. After such success yesterday, we look forward to repeating ‘Touch Rugby Day’ again next year! Rupert Marks

Rupert Marks