3rd and 4th graders – another interesting week is behind us

Class 3

I had the pleasure of attending the Class 3 Sleepover on Thursday night. The children had lots of fun playing games in the classroom, cheering on our Class 5 teacher, Standa, as his team competed (and won) a floorball match and doing a cande-lit, scary walk through the corridors of the school. There wasn’t a dull moment in the evening. They also learned about proper fine dining etiquette, compliments of Mrs. Lukander. All Class 3 students are now trained and ready to dine in Michelin star restaurants around the globe (maybe).


Class 4

We had a visit from St. Nicholas and his cohort this week in Class 4. Mostly good children receiving Nicholas’ praises, but there were a few who had to atone for their sins and behavior. Three of the usual suspects even had to get down on a knee to sing a song to meet St. Nicholas’ forgiveness. The children, good and bad, really enjoyed the visit, and surely it will positively affect their behavior at home and at school.