Class 3 Are Hungry!

This week in class 3, we had a mouth-watering discussion about our favourite foods and cuisines. The favourite Czech dishes for class 3 are Svickova and Rizek, each receiving 5 votes with Smazak close behind receiving 4. The overall favourite food for the class was pizza, which received 6 votes out of a possible 14. Lasagne was a distant second with 3. We then discussed what our favourite pizza types were and the result of this vote was also a draw with Ham and Cheese, and Margherita each receiving 4 votes. We then discussed our favourite international cuisines, not including Czech cuisine. The overwhelming favourite with an enormous 10 votes out of 14 was Italian food. And finally after all those dinners, we turned our thoughts to dessert, namely our favourite ice-cream flavours. It was quite close with Mint Chocolate and Pistachio each receiving 3 votes but the winner with 5 votes was chocolate. And after all that, there were plenty of rumbling stomachs so I was time for lunch!