Class 3 Spring Cleaning Challenge Review 2018

Class 3 must have been busy bees this spring time because there were lots of tasks accomplished on the Spring Cleaning Challenge! It was also great to see that everyone did at least half of the tasks on the list and the majority of the tasks were rated as great. Which is great!

Class 3’s favourite tasks were weeding the garden which I was very surprised at. I hope it was only the weeds and not the flowers that were pulled up! Bringing out the rubbish and washing the dishes the old fashioned way were also popular.

Class 3’s least favourite tasks were tidying their rooms. I can only imagine they must have been pretty messy if 33% of the class disliked the task so much. Mopping the floor was also not so popular.

The easiest tasks were setting the table and making dinner so I am hoping there must be some culinary excellence in class 3! The most difficult tasks were weeding and making beds. Weeding I totally get, always found that back-breaking work!

I am very proud of their efforts and I hope they have learnt some valuable skills. I hope that all the class will continue to practise their new found skills and show that spring cleaning can continue throughout the year.

Choosing the Spring Cleaners of the year is always difficult because everyone has put so much effort in but there are three students I want to mention specifically. Anna Kadlecova completed all sixteen tasks and every job was marked as a great job! Robert Satera also completed all the tasks and they were nearly all marked as great. And Dominik Kala completed all 16 tasks and did two extra tasks that weren’t on the list and they were nearly all great too!