Class 4 made a great effort with their first Spring Cleaning Challenge! Most of the tasks that they did were rated great and they all did at least half, often many more of the tasks.
I hope it has been an invaluable learning experience for them. Judging by the feedback from some of the parents on their task sheets, there were certainly some very busy bees this spring.
The favourite tasks for class 4 were washing cars and loading and unloading the dishes so plenty of clean cars and plates in class 4 families!
The least favourite tasks were cleaning windows, bathrooms and in particular tidying rooms though I imagine some of the rooms looked like there had been a battle there before the cleaning and tidying took place!
The easiest jobs for class 4 were bringing out bins and recycling, two jobs that go hand in hand and are very important.
The most difficult jobs were doing the laundry and cleaning cars for some of them.
I am so happy with the effort made by everybody in the class, it was fantastic to see and I hope they look forward to doing it again next year.
I do want to mention three Spring Cleaners in particular for an extra special effort this year. Bara Kuzelova did every task on the list, sometimes multiple times and almost always to a great level! Christian Stumpf did most of the tasks but also did a lot of them multiple times and even added an extra one when he helped with the firewood. And Jenda Hrubec did all 21 tasks and each one was rated as a great quality job.
I do hope the skills they have learnt during the challenge will stay with them and they will continue to keep things clean and take pride in a job well done!