Class 4 – Theatre Week

Class 4 performed an improv comedy show as Old Style Comedy Improv and put on two very entertaining shows for the primary school and for the parents. First we were treated to Slideshow presentations, one on dinosaurs and one on crocodiles where Chris the presenter could only comment on what he immediately saw before him, the slides being provided by Nela, Viki T., Klarka, Sofie and Tony. Klaudie and Verka faced off in Ding! where they were forced to think quickly on their feet as the direction of the scene changed every few seconds as the laughter grew. Bara and Filip took your suggestions for Blind Line where they performed scenes around something they were seeing on paper for only the first time much to the merriment of the audience! Zuzana, Adam and Maty played Expert where Zuzana quizzed Adam on his field of expertise as Maty provided the arms Logic and sense went out the window in place of pure funny comedy! Fairytale was next and Dani, Viki L., and Honza performed 3 Little Pigs and Cinderella numerous times with decreasing time and increasing madness! Then Max and Jenda literally took us on an Emotional Rollercoaster as they fought against their problems with very mixed emotions and totally solid fun! Finally, Lucka and Robert, with the help of their translators, Verka and Adam, demonstrated the magic of the Opera to bring the show to the close. It was all improvised, showcasing wonderful imaginations and guaranteeing laughter from start to finish!