Class 5 and a Gaelic Football

Class 5 had their first experience of playing Gaelic Football (Irsky Fotbal) as part of the Food Festival. Gaelic Football is one of the oldest sports in the world and some see it as a combination of football, basketball, volleyball and rugby. It does share skills with each of those sports but it is so much more too! If you have never seen it, there is a great video available on YouTube that explains what the sport is about.

First we started with some skills practice such as hand passing, soloing the ball (foot-hop and bounce) and picking the ball off the ground. Then we mixed the skills together in some drills before we played a couple of 5 a-side games. As you can see from the picture, the students really got into it and it was very competitive! They picked up the rules and the skills very well and who knows, there may even be a future All-Ireland Football Championship winner amongst them!