Class 5 Go to the Zoo

On a cloudy and overcast Thursday, Class 5, with Standa, Ilonka and Luke, visited the very well respected, Prague Zoo. And maybe the weather was actually in our favour because there were no big crowds and we had plenty of opportunity to see many wonderful animals. For me, it was my first visit to Prague Zoo after seven and a half years in Prague and I will definitely go again.
It would take too long to list all the beautiful creatures we saw but there were some particular highlights.
The polar bear going for his leisurely morning swim was very enjoyable to watch and I get the impression, he enjoyed the attention too!

And watching a tiger play with her young cub was hugely entertaining. Tigers are such beautiful animals and it is always a pleasure to observe them, but to see them engaged in such fun was an absolute treat!

And of course there was some other very interesting wildlife on show in the zoo yesterday. It is not often you can see Animalus Class Fiveus in their natural environment but we were able to observe them climbing around and having fun!

All in all, it was a very nice day out. Prague Zoo is a beautiful place and I look forward to visiting again!