Class 5 Spring Cleaning Challenge Review 2018

It has been a very busy few months for class 5 but I was delighted that so many of them found time to take part, and do some wonderful work, in the Spring Cleaning Challenge. They are veterans of the challenge having been the first class to do it last year and based on some of the marks and the comments from parents, they have continued their great work.
The favourite jobs for class 5 this year were looking after plants and cooking. Cooking in one of my personal favourite so it’s always great to see people take an interest in it.
The least favourite jobs were washing cars and windows. So I’m guessing washing car windows must be very unpopular!
The easiest tasks were making beds and setting the tables while the most difficult tasks for class 5 were cleaning windows and cars. Understandably why quite of few of them didn’t like it. Neither being my favourites either!
Some of the extra jobs that students had to think of for themselves were walking dogs, looking after pets, feeding animals and cleaning out rabbit hutches and it’s great to see them take such an interest in animals.
After last year’s fantastic effort, it was great to see them show they hadn’t forgot some the skills they had learnt and I hope they continue to help out at home.
I do want to mention 3 Spring Cleaners who made a particularly great effort this year. Filip Pospisil, our Spring Cleaner of the Year for last year, showed he hadn’t become a slouch by completing almost all of the tasks, often multiple times, and like last year, adding a few extra ones. Verca Hauferova completed every task on the list and they were almost all rated as done greatly which shows a wonderful effort. Rosie Chovancova also completed all 25 tasks and again, almost all were rated as great and shows what a special effort she made.
So may they clean on into the future as they leave Open Gate Primary School and hopefully continue to show the world what great and special people they truly are!