Mr. E for 3rd and 4th graders

This week in Class 3 Art and Culture we began talking about things that come from under the Earth’s surface (volcanoes, oil) and things from out of this world (asteroids, Northern lights). This got us onto the topic of space and ‘what is out there’. We decided to make our own Voyager time capsule to ‘send into space’ to greet any intelligent life form and tell them about our home planet, Earth. We spoke about it in detail this week and made groups for the students to work in. Next week,  we will begin making a poster with ideas of what we can send in our spaceship time capsule. Stay tuned for pictures of their great creations!

We studied Vaclav Havel in our Gone, but Not Forgotten lesson with Class 4. The students, of course, know who he was and how important he is to the history of the Czech Republic (and Slovakia), but they seemed really excited to learn a bit more about his life and the things he did. They were very curious, asking many good questions, about a very confusing time for the country. I really think they enjoyed diving deep into Czech history. It was great to see their curiosity alive!