News from mister E – 3rd and 4th graders and food festival

In classes 3 and 4 this week, we had fun preparing for the Food Festival. Class 4 made Restaurant skits using some of their new vocabulary and phrases that we learned in class. Class 3 discussed the differences between healthy food and junk food, and the importance of eating healthy. Both classes created some wonderful Food Art, of both healthy food and junk food. We used a simple tutorial of how to draw the food items and walked them through the process, and they all seemed to enjoy going from Step 1 until the very end. Not everyone excels in Art (me included) so it was nice for everyone to feel like they are able to make some art that they can be proud of.

On the Food Festival day, I enjoyed observing some of the workshops. The one in particular that I really enjoyed was the Healthy Living workshop. This workshop was led by our new teaching assistant, Bara D, and focused on a healthy mind and body.  She displayed and practiced with her group simple meditation techniques and yoga poses. In pairs, the students created their own yoga poses based on animals that they have seen in nature. It is important to learn how to work together with others and with nature to be able to fully live a happy and healthy lifestyle.