Open Gate Spring Cleaning Challenge in Class 1 and Class 2

The children in classes 1 and 2 seem to have enjoyed the challenge and they all did a great job. Most of the children did all the chores on their list and some of them even added their own. I am very proud of everyone who took part in the challenge and I think it was a great and rewarding experience for everyone. Choosing a „Sping Cleaner of the Year“ in each class was extremely hard and, in the end, I’ve decided to choose more than one pupil in both classes.

In Class 1, we have two Spring Cleaners of the Year: Sebi D. and Luky T. They both went above and beyond what was expected of them in the challenge. Sebík did two extra tasks that weren’t on his list and Luky did some tasks more than once. They both deserve a special recognition for their effort. Well done!

In Class 2, we have four (!) Spring Cleaners of the Year: Alex K., Adam S., Claudy L. and Jůli M. They all did extra tasks and they finished everything else on their list, too. They surpassed my expectations. Good job!

And finally, I would like to say that, in a way, everyone who took part in the challenge is the Spring Cleaner of the Year. The pupils learned a lot and they should be proud of themselves. It was a lot of hard work and they handled it carefully and responsibly. Well done everyone!  Jane Kotikova