Dear Parents,

The English Department would like to introduce the first full Spring Cleaning Challenge in the Primary School. Last year, we did a trial in class 4 and it was very successful.

The aim is to encourage the children to learn how to do a variety of different household chores and tasks and to take pride in the work they do.

Each class will be given a list of tasks after the Easter break and instructions on specific tasks will be sent to parents. The number of tasks increases from class 1 to class 5.

We understand that some tasks are more difficult than others, and potentially more dangerous depending on the class (ironing, preparing a meal). The aim isn’t for the student to carry out each task alone. I am very happy for parents to instruct students how to do some of the more difficult tasks and supervise them doing it. The instructions that we will send will contain more information about this.

This class project is not obligatory and even if students do some of the tasks on the list, that is great. The idea is for them to learn new skills, take pride in their home and doing a job well and also learn some new English for the activities they are doing.

Beside each task is a rating that parents can give based on the quality of the job done. This can be based on how well they did a task that they already know how to do, or how well they paid attention and attempted to do a task that they are just learning.

Jana and I will give out the lists to the classes on April 9th. Cards should be returned on Monday April 30th which gives students 3 weeks. When a student has completed a task, please tick and sign that it has been done and circle OK/Good/Great depending on how well the task was done. Please do not let them circle everything without doing it! Jana and I will also choose a Spring Cleaner of the year from each class for students who have made a particularly good effort.

If you have any questions, please contact Luke or Jana.