Weather Reports in Class 2

This week, Class 2 have been recording the weather each day. On Monday, some brave meteorologists made predictions for this week. Some of them were quite accurate, but most of the predictions did not come true.

Alex S. predicts that on the weekend, it’s going to be 20°C, sunny and cloudy
Tadeáš said that on Friday, it will be raining and sunny, so we’re hoping to see a rainbow today!
Sophie predicted that on Tuesday, it would be snowing and windy, and she was right – there was a lot of snow on Tuesday!
Nela was almost right with her prediction for Wednesday: 5°C, windy and cloudy. It wasn’t as warm, but she was very close.
Kira predicts temperatures of 0 to 3°C for the weekend, so make sure to check if she was right!
Áďa predicted these temperatures for the week: Tuesday: -600°C, Wednesday: -300°C, Thursday: -30°C, Friday: 1 000 000°C and Saturday: 3 000 000°C. Shockingly, none of them came true so far. To be honest, I rather hope his Saturday prediction won’t come true either.
Marek said that on Saturday, it will be „cold, cold, very cold,“ with temperatures as low as -20°C and Sunday will be „very, very, very sunny,“ with 30°C.
Rózi and Jůli predicted cloudy and cold weather for Wednesday, with -5°C, which was very close!
And finally, Eda warned that on Tuesday, we can expect rain – he said it would be raining Pokémon cards! Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so many children were dissapointed.

Well done to all our brave meteorologists in Class 2!